BMT Tax Depreciation eNewsletter – Maverick 43

BMT Tax Depreciation eNewsletter – Maverick 43

Welcome to the forty-third edition of our biannual newsletter, Maverick.

From confirming the facts on the new residential depreciation legislation to investigating the growth in the commercial office space, here’s what’s
featured in our latest edition.

Happy reading from the team at BMT Tax Depreciation.


Plenty of lucrative
deductions available

Despite legislation changes surrounding the eligibility to claim previously used plant and equipment in second-hand residential properties, there are still opportunities for investors to claim thousands of dollars in deductions.

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New legislation helps
Developers target investors

New residential depreciation legislation makes investing in brand-new properties more attractive.

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White collar jobs drive office growth

Significant population growth in New South Wales and Victoria is leading to increasing demand for housing and office space in these states. We look at this trend and the potential deductions investors could claim for a commercial office building.

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Solar assets in the spotlight

Rising electricity prices and the need for viable renewable energy alternatives have resulted in an increase in installation of solar power assets on Australian homes. We investigate the benefits and things to consider for landlords and tenants when installing these assets.

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Innovative new service for
Property Managers

Our latest service, New to Rent, provides
Property Managers with complimentary
depreciation estimates for every rental property
they list. Sign up to take advantage of this free
service at

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Discover the build cost of your next project

Are you interested in finding out the construction cost for your next project?
Our construction cost table allows you to work out the cost relevant to your regional area, including the approximate cost for the construction type per square metre.

View our construction cost table
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DISCLAIMER | This newsletter is issued as a helpful guide and is not intended to, and does not cover all aspects of the topics discussed. Professional advice should be sought before any action upon these topics is undertaken.
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